Digital Workflow in Restorative Dentistry

Released: Monday, November 27, 2017

Expires: Monday, November 30, 2020

By Thomas Bilski, DDS

Commercial Supporter: Planmeca - E4D Technologies

New dental technologies are beginning to rely on the ability of digital workflow within dentistry to have the patient experience a new discovery. This article will expound on the steps involved in digital workflow in restorative dentistry while presenting several cases demonstrating the workflow principles. Conversion of analog dentistry into digital dentistry with traditional procedures such as intraoral putty impressions and laboratory-facilitated impression scanning will also be discussed.


  • Discuss the key aspects within the initial diagnostic workup, timing, and sequencing of digital restorative needs of the patient.

  • Describe workflow principles, laboratory requirements, and available technologies to provide digital-quality diagnostics.

  • Explain the terminology and differences between analog and digital dentistry workflow and how to convert analog dentistry to digital dentistry.

  • Explain the rationale for digital workflow as an alternative option for the restorative dentistry chosen for each case.

About the Author

Thomas Bilski, DDS, Co-Director, Midwest Implant Institute, Columbus, Ohio; Private Practice, Independence, Ohio

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